About Stephanie Frost

Stephanie FrostWorking in wireless technology as I have for most of my career has made me realize how quickly things change. Remember when having a car phone was cool? These days you aren’t hip unless you can talk, text, take pictures and check your bank balance using only your cell phone. Adaptation is critical in a world where networks and devices are constantly being upgraded.

Being one of my first jobs out of school, wireless technology was pretty exciting even with its bulky devices and first generation networks. Since then, I’ve worked in marketing, business development and sales for big companies such as Skytel, Motorola, and Cingular (now AT&T). I have been able to help many businesses-both startups and established companies-launch successful applications into the wireless space. These days the networks are faster, the devices are smaller and the whole industry is infinitely more sophisticated. Mobile handhelds, now known as the “third screen”–presumably in line behind televisions and computers–are the next frontier in marketing and advertising.

Because my portfolio of clients spanned many vertical markets: healthcare, transportation, energy, security, banking, and retail, I had to educate myself with regard to how technology played a critical role in each. I took the time to really understand these target markets, the competition, and how each company was positioning itself within a respective industry. My thorough and consultative approach not only earned the loyalty of several clients who followed me from company to company but also made me appreciate the significance of good business strategy. Many companies have great ideas, products, or service offerings. However, too often these companies are some of the best-kept secrets. My job was to make sure they didn’t stay that way. Whether I was helping them to develop a streamlined distribution strategy, creating brand recognition, or launching partnership-marketing initiatives with my own company–their success was my success.

These days, rapid change is the norm. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. Adaptation is even more critical in today’s economic climate than ever before. I am confident that my experience and passion to help companies succeed backed by the terrific team of people at Zero-G Creative will help your company reach new, meteoric heights.

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