3/3/2009 GFR Talks Sales Strategy and IT Services with Michael Scher and Chas Arnold

What can we say? We’re on a roll. All of our guests so far have been fantastic and today was no exception.

Michael Scher, the President of Frontline Selling, joined us to talk about how to effectively and efficiently create demand for your product or service. He said that most salespeople don’t get in front of the right people to articulate their company’s value proposition. Frontline Selling has developed methodologies to help accelerate a sales pipeline by securing time with key people in an organization. This results in qualified sales opportunities and shorter sales cycles. His free advice was also great. He said that when trying to reach a high-level executive in a company, you may not get a response but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. They are simply very busy and may not have the time to return your call or respond to your email. Being persistent is the key to getting some face time with the right person.

Chas Arnold, VP of Sales & Marketing for DynaSis, talked about managed IT Services for small/midsize businesses. He said that these days, it’s really important to protect your company’s data not only for security reasons but also in case of a disaster. During Hurricane Katrina, many businesses learned this lesson the hard way. They lost valuable company data when computer equipment and servers were either destroyed or simply left behind. DynaSis can manage your entire IT infrastructure from soup to nuts. Your data will be secure and more importantly, your network will never go down. DynaSis manages everything from a state-of-the-art data center with multiple redundant connections. As Chas said, “Uptime is paramount.” If your network isn’t working, you’re not making money. His great free advice to small business owners was to not ignore your IT needs. Be proactive and take care of this early before something happens. It’ll be one less thing you, as a small business owner, have to worry about.

Great show and a big thanks to Mike and Chas for joining us! Have a stellar week and we’ll see you next Tuesday!

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