5/18/10: Andrea Arena shows us how to be in “2 Places at 1 Time,” Johnny Knatt prepares us for the new the new Avatar work culture and Chris Colston has advice for tech businesses

We had an ACTION PACKED show this week! Three great guests, and three great insights on how entrepreneurs can build successful businesses.

First up was Andrea Arena, owner of 2 Places at 1 Time, a corporate¬†concierge serving cities throughout the U.S. and Canada — and she started the whole thing (literally) from her car. And what was the big “ah-ha” revelation that propelled her from local entrepreneur to national multimillion dollar enterprise? Instead of selling her service to individuals, she went direct to large corporate clients and convinced them to offer her service as a benefit to employees, making them more productive during the business day. As a secondary market, she also offers her services as a loyalty program for companies serving high net worth clients. Andrea’s business is the perfect example of how taking an existing, proven business model and giving it a little “tweak” can equate to incredible success.

Johnny Knatt is one of the principles at ODHR Consultants and works with companies on a lot of HR-related activities. The focus of our discussion though was on personnel development, building an organization that fosters the right kind of culture in an increasingly virtual workplace. It’s also very important, according to Johnny, that companies work hard to build cultures that are not only willing to change but also encourage change. This interview is an absolute MUST listen for anyone who is in a management role in their business.

Batting third on GFR was Chris Colston, who has spent his career working in management roles in large technology businesses. Now an entrepreneur, Chris has started his own firm, the BizTech Group, whose objective is to bring multiple technology businesses together for mutual gain. His group of tech entrepreneurs and managers meets once a week and Chris and his partners use the sessions to facilitate group mentoring, networking and accountability. Chris acknowledged that a lot of technology firms keep themselves in “silos”, isolating themselves from the business world at large and Chris is looking to change that, one group of businesspeople at a time.

Thanks to all our incredible guests for joining us this week!

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